App developed for educators in the case of a school shooting

FORT MYERS, Fla.– As school districts begin using new security apps and systems to comply with Alyssa’s Law and enhance school safety, the CEO of SaferWatch, an app designed to save lives by targeting the location of an emergency, is trying to educate others about the safety of their app.

The SaferWatch app is currently being utilized by districts around Florida, and even though many school administrators have adopted it, some teachers are still slow to download it.

“There is lower participation simply because it’s a brand new system,” said SaferWatch CEO Geno Roefaro.

Roefaro said their app was safe and only shared data and your location with first responders and other personnel when you press the button to report an emergency.

“Our entire focus is about your safety. We care about your privacy, we care about making sure you are comfortable with the system,” Roefaro explained.

Other districts in Lee County, Collier County, and Charlotte County use different types of systems and software to meet the requirements of Alyssa’s Law.

The law was passed by the Florida Legislature last year to require school districts to have some sort of mobile panic button after the Parkland School Shooting.

“There are plenty of options for districts to choose from,” said Kevin Daly, the President of the Teachers Association in Lee County.

He said for Lee County, there is a button on a name card that is attached to a lanyard that a teacher or staff member could press in case of an emergency.

“Everybody should feel safe at work,” Daly said.