SaferWatch goes live in Juno Beach!

JUNO BEACH, FL (January 29, 2019) – With funding from the Juno Beach Police Foundation, the Juno Beach Police have launched a new smartphone app to help keep Town residents and businesses safe.

The app was announced jointly by the Police Department and the Police Foundation at the annual Juno Beach Night Out Against Crime on January 29th.

Every resident, business owner and visitor in the Town is encouraged to download and use the new SaferWatch app which is free and available on both iOS and Android devices.

Chief of Police Brian Smith said "the app is a seamless way for people to reach law enforcement officials in non-emergency situations."

"The concept of 'see something, say something' puts more eyes and ears into the community and this is a modern-day approach to community policing" said Chief Smith.

Through the SaferWatch app, users are able to send non-emergency tips to law enforcement with several categories ranging from suspicious activity to vandalism and speeding.

"The app is a two-way communications protocol so, for example, if there is a major auto accident the police can send out an alert to SaferWatch users to avoid a particular intersection and then send updates and additional information once the scene clears," Juno Beach Police Major Paul Fertig said.

Tipsters are also able to submit information, pictures, videos and voice recordings anonymously or as themselves.

The app does not replace 911, so emergency calls should still be handled the old fashioned way.

To download the app, go to either the Apple or Google store and search for SaferWatch.

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