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Airport Safety: Starts With The Proper Planning and Resources

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Airport safety is a top priority for airlines, airports and travelers. It takes more than security personnel and metal detectors to keep employees and travelers safe. Proper planning and the use of safety tools are essential in keeping an airport running smoothly. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some security measures airlines and airports can take to ensure a safe travel experience for all.  Also, learn how the SaferWatch App can play a major safety role in daily operations. 

Knowing The Components Of A Safe Workplace

Effective communication, preparation, and the use of reliable technology are all essential during emergency situations. This is especially important within congested public transit facilities. OSHA recommends the following important factors for health and safety in the workplace: .

  • Techniques to foster management commitment and employee involvement.
  • A worksite safety analysis to identify potential risks and plan appropriate response strategies.
  • Regular hazard prevention and control measures to keep workers safe.
  • Safety and health training for employees.

Implementing each of these four components is a crucial part of having a successful occupational safety program at work.

How Can SaferWatch Help?

SaferWatch is the ultimate safety solution for airports. SaferWatch provides communication tools to ensure employees and travelers receive important, real-time notifications in the event of an emergency.  Furthermore, employees can send tips anonymously if they choose to do so.  Tip reporting allows first responders to receive information quickly to be able to respond to an incident with appropriate tools and resources.  With SaferWatch in place, airports can be better prepared for any unforeseen circumstances with a comprehensive safety plan. SaferWatch’s technology gives airports peace of mind knowing there is an easy and reliable way to protect their employees and travelers at all times.


SaferWatch App Provides Real-Time Alerts For Employees To Align All Staff During Emergencies And Improve Response Time

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Real-time alerts are an essential part of any emergency response plan. SaferWatch App is a powerful tool that can make the workplace safer by providing timely, fact-driven notifications to employees and managers. By giving workers and supervisors access to up-to-the-minute safety notices, SaferWatch App can help increase situational awareness, improve response times, and streamline communication between managers and staff creating a safer work environment.

Every Second is Critical When A Child Goes Missing At An Airport Or Other Congested Public Space

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Amber alerts are a vital resource for locating and reuniting missing children with their families.  Because most people carry smartphones, SaferWatch harnesses technology within smart devices to maximize the efficiency of notifications and tips related to an Amber alert. SaferWatch makes it easier for users to send tips relating to a missing or abducted child situation.  Timely and fact driven tips ultimately lead to a faster law enforcement response for faster resolution. According to the OJP, timely notifications have helped recover over one thousand abducted children as of January 2, 2023.

If You See Something, Send Something

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SaferWatch allows users to report suspicious activity quickly and easily providing another option outside of calling 911.  The anonymous tip reporting feature of SaferWatch can be a great tool for airports and its staff. This feature allows users to report suspicious activity 24/7 with complete anonymity, ensuring that any concerns are heard and taken seriously. With this technology, airport staff and passengers can have peace of mind knowing their safety and security is taken seriously.

Immediate Response Is Critical In Life Threatening Situations

Life-Threatening Situations

Life-threatening situations can occur anywhere, even airports.  During incidents of mass acts of violence, it is essential for responders to respond quickly and efficiently. The SaferWatch Application provides an integrated mobile panic button that allows users to alert security and law enforcement personnel immediately.   The SaferWatch mobile panic solution can minimize potential casualties by providing quicker notification to, and response by authorities.  This cutting-edge technology provides an additional layer of protection which may result in reduction and/or prevention of casualties during emergencies.

Contact SaferWatch Today To Learn About Our Solutions 

The SaferWatch App uses advanced technologies to help improve safety procedures and protect staff and travelers in emergency situations.  It is important for transportation facilities to have SaferWatch in their arsenal to keep everyone safe. Reach out to SaferWatch today for more information about our advanced solutions.


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