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Alyssa’s Law Passing In More States: Next Steps

School safety has become an increasingly important and emotional topic in recent years. For many parents, the idea that their children could be placed at risk while attending school is a nightmare they hope will never come true. But tragedy isn’t always preventable–and that’s why so many states are pushing enacting Alyssa’s Law, legislation aimed at improving school security measures across the country. We’ll take a look at what Alyssa’s Law means for schools, parents, and legislators–and what comes next as more states continue to adopt it.

Alyssa’s Law Explained

Alyssa’s Law is crucial legislation that ensures the safety of students in schools across the United States. Introduced in New Jersey in 2019 and Florida in 2020, this law requires that all public schools be equipped with silent panic alarms that directly notify law enforcement in the event of a school-based emergency. This law is of utmost importance because it enables school authorities to take proactive measures that can potentially save the lives of numerous students and teachers during emergencies, especially mass shootings. Alyssa’s Law is named in honor of Alyssa Alhadeff, one of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Fl. The law has gained significant traction across other states in America, with the aim of improving emergency response protocols within schools.

Progress of Alyssa’s Law – Georgia And Texas Getting Ready To Pass Next

In recent years, there has been significant progress in passing Alyssa’s Law in various states across the country. Georgia and Texas are the latest states to enact Alyssa’s Law to enhance the safety of their students. 

“We are trying to bring all 180 school districts up to a standard of excellence,” Georgia Sen. Jason Anavitarte, the bills’ main sponsor said. The bill does not allocate funding for the crisis alert systems, but Anavitarte suggested that districts can use $50,000 safety grants allocated by Gov. Brian Kemp for each school in the amended fiscal year 2023 budget.

While there is still work to be done in these states, the fact that they are moving towards passing the law is a step in the right direction. With more states following suit, Alyssa’s Law is on track to becoming a key piece of legislation that can make a real difference in the safety and security of our schools.

How Citizens Can Help Advocate For And Spread Awareness About Alyssa’s Law

Alyssa’s Law is an important piece of legislation that can save lives, but not everyone is aware of what it entails. As citizens, we can help advocate for, and spread awareness about this law to make sure it is implemented in every school across the country. One way to do this is by reaching out to local lawmakers and urging them to support the legislation. We can also use social media to spread the word and raise awareness about the importance of this law. Additionally, we can talk to parents, students and educators in our communities to help them better understand how Alyssa’s Law works and why it is so crucial for school safety. By coming together and speaking up, we can help make our schools safe for everyone.

SaferWatch and Alyssa’s Law

The SaferWatch Mobile App is the nation’s premier Mobile Panic Alert System that directly integrates with law enforcement to meet Alyssa’s Law. 

  • SaferWatch App Provides a Digital Panic Button

The SaferWatch mobile app allows users to report emergencies via a digital panic button directly from the phone application. An alert is immediately sent to a pre-designated list of first responders, emergency contacts and administrators when the silent panic button is engaged.

  • Real-time GPS Coordinates Reveal Emergency Location

SaferWatch mobile app immediately provides emergency dispatch services with a user’s location and GPS coordinates.

  •  Two-Way Communication & Live Video

Emergency responders and users have the ability to communicate via a two-way message system, including the ability to broadcast a live video stream.

  • Life Saving Video Surveillance

The SaferWatch app instantly connects law enforcement and first responders with real time surveillance of the school property through the school’s camera system. This allows dispatchers to survey the scene in real-time and provide lifesaving instruction and warnings to those inside the school.

  • Mass Notifications & Emergency Alerts

Through the SaferWatch App a mass notification can be enabled to:

•Immediately inform the public.
•Prevent more people from entering the area.
•Encourage people to leave the area of the threat/incident.
•Inform the families of the situation.
•Initiate or assist during evacuation.

With all of the potential benefits that Alyssa’s Law offers in terms of school safety, it is clear that this legislation should be a priority for concerned citizens across America. Fortunately, many state legislators have already taken up the cause and begun the process to pass this important bill in their respective states. We must all become supporters for Alyssa’s Law and spread awareness about this legislation if we truly wish to make a change. With everyone’s help, we can create safer schools and communities for generations to come.

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