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Alyssa's Law New York

On February 14th, 2018, a high school gunman shot and killed 17 students and staff at Stoneman Douglas High School. Alyssa Alhadeff was 14 years old when she was killed in this act of mass violence. Alyssa’s law was enacted in honor of the teen and ensures that law enforcement and schools have the technology to provide the fastest response time possible in the event of a tragedy.

Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblymember Kenneth P. Zebrowski announced on June 4, 2022, that the Assembly has passed Alyssa’s Law, which requires school districts to consider installing panic alarm systems (A.10018, Zebrowski), according to the NY Assembly.

United States School Mass Shootings

There have been multiple deadly mass shootings in schools in the United States over the last 20+ years that devastated the nation. With the technological advances and the passage of Alyssa’s Law, SaferWatch aims to help provide a way to communicate with police once a threat has been identified and provide students, teachers, staff, and first responders with the necessary tools to act quick in an emergency situation.

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